Girl gags when mom pretends to put poo on her hand

This was recorded with my iPhone 7 Plus. I do not have ownership of this video. I could not find the video on YouTube so I wanted ...

Augie Duke handgagging Abbie Cobb in Teenage bank heist

All the credits goes to "Johnson Production Group" If you wanna see the full movie? Go and visit this link and you can watch it ...

Top Best Just For Laughs Gags - Troll Girl Funny Videos Pranks Just For Laughs Gags

Top Best Just For Laughs Gags - Troll Girl Funny Videos Pranks Just For Laughs Gags.

Gagging Video- Fan Requested

So, a fan gave a tribute and asked that I upload a video of me gagging myself with my hand, aka handgagging. I decided, as a ...


Sawyer's impression of Daddy gagging after a poopy diaper Daddy was changing a "bad" diaper this morning and accidentally ...

Klaus BLW Journey - Day30 - Plum. Gagging/Choking?

Is he choking or gagging? I not sure.. so many things run thru my mind that in 3-5seconds... but he seems fine after that.. didn't ...

The man who would be handgagging Katie Holmes

Some people want to watch the world burn, Michael Caine just wants to handgag beautiful women. Odeya Rush is the first lovely ...

Vanessa Cleaning & Gagging

Vanessa not having a good time while cleaning the rotten fruit bowls.

Baby gagging on her own hand

This is my daughter Zoë. This time she discovers what happens when she stuffs her hand to far into her mouth.

Baby gagging from bananas!!

Probably the only baby in the world that gagged from having bananas for the first time. Guess she doesn't like sweets :-)

Mia gagging on antibiotic

Mia gagging on her first dose of antibiotic.

Nice Ex-Girlfriend 4 / 4 " I Dream of Jeannie " 1969

" Major Nelson " tries to escort what he believes is " Jeannie-Bonnie " ( but is the real " Bonnie " ) out of his office and the NSA ...


the sound of a gag makes me gag... my roommate got it on camera..:\

baby gagging

Levee gags on her hand (3 mo.)


Amy and Leela are kidnapped by robots! Great hand gagging scene.

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