Видео: Samsung WB2200F - "So Far Away" (1200 mm zoom)

Samsung WB2200F - Sound during zooming in and out

Sound of motor during zooming is SO quiet. Use it freely. No additional processing applied. All from hands, so shaky.

SAMSUNG WB2200 F (Night & zoom) - "Нико као ја"

Провера ноћног зума на Samsung WB2200F. Музика: Шарло Акробата (c) Видео: DNS Recordnigs (c) 2014.

Samsung WB2200F - Raw video test

Taken from light tripod, so shaking. Slow focus, no sound during zooming. Great zoom, good sound, nice details, colors very ...

Samsung WB 2200 F Smart Compact Camera bij Klein

Volg Klein: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kleinrg Twitter: https://twitter.com/fotokleinnl.

Samsung WB2200F Test

Samsung's WB2200F is a unique "super-bridge" compact camera with a 60x optical zoom and a dual grip "battery grip" ...

Zooming Far Away

imagin, zooming out 83.33 times as far as you can zoom out, i done it...

Samsung WB2200F 16 3MP CMOS Smart WiFi &NFC NFC Digital Camera

Samsung WB2200F 16 3MP CMOS Smart WiFi &NFC NFC Digital Camera, Samsung WB2200F 16 3MP CMOS Smart WiFi &NFC ...

Авалски торањ (Avala Tower) - Август 2014.

Built in 1965., destroyed bу NATO killers in 1999. Rebuilt until 2010. Видео: Dark Stanton (c) 2014. Mузика: Мирослав Илић ...

Zoom in as far as you can he said

Why I do believe there is something in that crater.

Samsung digitale prova super zoom 1200x

Samsung digitale prova super zoom 1200x.

Crazy Stop And Stare Zoom Load!!!

If you enjoyed this video you should go and check out our other videos. Please subscribe us for about 30 of the best CoD clips ...

Sunset Time Lapse

Hey guys and girls I made this time lapse with Samsung SMX-F40 camcorder.

Kenya Safari (HD)

few videos from Kenya videos took with: -Canon 650D -Samsung WB2200F Sony Vegas Pro 11.

3 Worst Cameras Over $300 Based On IQ

BEST ALTERNATIVES AMAZON ------------ 1. Sony NEX-3 - http://amzn.to/2rflU5l 2. Canon 100D - http://amzn.to/2r5TIEG 3.

[SHOOTING] Crète reupload

Hello petit Cookie ! Déroule vite avant que je te mange ! DESCRIPTION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ❆Vanille’ : Léa ...

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